Rivareno Gelato
Cake Creations

  • Our cakes look fantastic and more importantly, taste amazing. Custom made cakes require 2 full business days to prepare and to ensure that they are ready from 1:00PM on the third day after ordering. For example, if you place an order on Tuesday, the cake will be ready on Friday at 1:00PM.

We now offer delivery service through a delivery partner - see if your area is serviceable upon checkout.
Once you have selected a cake below, you will be given options to customise the flavour combinations that you desire. Each cake has a different number of flavours that you can choose. Enjoy building your very own Rivareno Gelato cake!

If you want someone to have an amazing experience at Rivareno, gift vouchers are available to purchase in store starting from as little as $20. They can be used in multiple gelato sessions within the expiry period giving the gift recipient flexibility to use the voucher up when they like.

Buy our cakes online to sweeten every kind of event or celebration, your guests will be so amazed you’ll have to tell them your secret!

Care instructions
Gelato cakes are frozen, so please keep them stored in the freezer. Please note we do not provide esky bags – please bring your own if you require one.

How long will the gelato cake last outside the freezer?
We usually recommend 30 minutes as a safe estimate for the travel time. Of course it really depends on your environment – e.g. how hot it is on the day, in your car, etc.

Serving the gelato cake:
To amaze your guests, take the gelato cake of the freezer 10-15 minutes before serving. Again, this will depend on how warm it is on the day. But ideally you want the cake to soften a little before serving. Use a large, hot knife to slice the cake up… and enjoy! Just watch your guests’ faces when they try our cakes!